Rock your world

Change your life

Make you Think

We’re all storytellers now. But there’s a real art to telling great stories – ones that capture people’s imaginations and incite them to act. And today, this is especially true for brands.

Rock PR is a real believer in the power of great storytelling (and all that goes with it) – rather than the power of ‘the blag’. We start with an open mind to uncover the real truths at the heart of a brand and the real human insights that will infuse those truths. That’s how we create the rocket fuel for compelling stories, ideas and concepts that immediately hooks people in and rouses their curiosity.

That’s when the magic really happens and the most powerful narratives unfold.

Contact us to see a new chapter in your brand story unfold.


We understand what matters, when it matters and why it matters
when making brave decisions to create real impact.

From generating national news and social following, to introducing like-minded
partnerships and marketing activations, our instinctive and intuitive approach combined
with real, frank and honest advice enables us to turn brands into stories worth telling.


We don’t say ‘yes’ when the truthful answer is ‘no’ and we’re not afraid to rock the boat a little if need be


When the going gets tough, our tenacity and sheer determination to not give up keeps us rocking


As a business that generates words, we are people of our word–inspiring trust that rock-solid relationships